Perhaps a little strange to write a review for a landscaping business, but we were indeed very fortunate to find Creative Landscapes. For those in this market, we hope to share our experience.

Tom Schray — the owner / manager — just completed a $100K+ project for us in Nazareth. Tom worked with us for nearly 1 year, helping us to define, refine, and then execute to perfection a brand-new backyard “Shangri-La,” integrating a pool and pool house with stone patios, walkways, paving stones, flowering plants, trees, fire pit, dramatic lighting, waterfall, etc. We are very impressed with Tom’s patience, experience, and flexibility. Our every request was addressed with care and in detail, and Tom has a wealth of experience and advice which helped us in our selection(s). The result is really beautiful and we are delighted.

Of course, homeowners should do their research and come to their own decisions, but if indeed you’re looking for help to transform your yard, Creative Landscapes should make your “short list” of candidate landscapers.