Your landscape project doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you’re upgrading an existing yard or landscaping for a new home, our process detail will help you know what to expect. We break down the steps you can expect when you call Creative Landscapes, as we break it down into two phases: design and installation.
The design phase consists of idea generation and planning. During this phase, you will work with a landscape designer that college-educated in residential landscape design. Together you will discuss design considerations like the desired use for your outdoor space and long-term goals. This will include what features will be incorporated and what landscaping style will be utilized. The design phase is complete when you receiving a completed plan and estimate. The design and estimate will detail the location and materials to be used for hardscapes and outdoor living features, as well as plants.
The construction phase encompasses the actual construction process. Our operations team will assign a project manager and projected start date. The designer and project manager will work closely on ordering materials and scheduling necessary manpower and equipment.
Once construction is completed, our team will inspect and do a walk-through of the completed project, as well as provide instructions for after-care and warranty details. At this point, your yard will have been transformed into a beautiful outdoor living space that’s ready for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Step 1- We learn a little about your needs and schedule a Free Consultation.

Step 2- Our designer meets onsite to discuss the project and determine design necessities. A design contract is for our designers’ surveying, design, and estimate completion is presented. If the project goes forward this is deducted from project costs.

Step 3- Design and estimate are presented. Material and plant choices are discussed, and layouts approved.

Step 4- Final design and contract are signed by both parties. Permits are submitted and the start date is determined at weekly scheduling meetings and crews and equipment are assigned.

Step 5- Crews arrive to begin the installation and transformation of your property into a living work of art!